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How Modern Ideas For Sewing Expand Our Crafting Horizons

  Sewing has become a very popular trend among the general community.  With the rise in popularity of programes on the tv such as Sewing Bee and the hundreds of crafting outlets, there is no end to the projects that can be undertaken. Sewing has made a rapid progress in the twentieth century. The sewing machines are easily made accessible… Read more →


Making The Most Of Your Sewing Machine With Sewing Classes

  You have a lovely shiny sewing machine, some spare time in an otherwise hectic lifestyle – what better relaxation that to learn to sew yourself with sewing classes – In our busy life schedules, there many segments that are left behind and we do not get time to work on the same. And one of them is sewing which… Read more →


The Great Invention That Clothed The World – The Sewing Machine

  Sewing machines are the electromechanical or mechanical machines that are widely used by tailors to join fabrics together using threads. With the use of these machines tailors stitches a variety of patterned or plain clothes. The first machine to sew clothes was introduced in 1800 centaury and soon it became the most crucial discoveries within the textile industry. There… Read more →